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Take your events to the next level of finesse with exceptional gourmet meals prepared by our culinary geniuses.


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Making events unforgettable

Reflecting on our value of “every meal is a story”, we elevate your events with our specially curated menus. From small, intimate gatherings to corporate events, we leave no leaf unturned to understand your requirements and design an experience that will be unique and unparalleled.
Select from our wide range of dishes from cuisines from all over India and the world; customise the meals as per requirements; and let our chefs add a touch of personality with their ability to whip up delectable flavours. ​ We promise you that your guests will leave wanting for more.

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Exclusive Menus

Tell us what you have in mind, from dietary preferences to the occasion and the mood. Our culinary masters will design exclusive menus that cater to your unique requirements for your special occasion.​

Variety is the Spice

From the most comprehensive range of Indian and international cuisines, our chefs can deliver your every choice and desire. Mix cuisines to your liking. Adjust the flavours to your taste. Let us add our own unique twist. There is no limit to what we can do.​

Delivered to Perfection​

From responsible and ethical sourcing of high-quality ingredients, to following the highest hygiene standards, we work passionately to present an unparalleled gourmet experience that does not just deliver to your tastes but helps preserve our environment.​

Diverse Client Base

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Flexible Services

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Our Team

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Vishal Sinha

Founder CEO

Vishal comes from a corporate background (British Airways, TUI and CWT). He has experience in different geographies and leading teams, which gives We The Chefs an added advantage in understanding and catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Vishal understands the challenges of curating an event and ensuring everyone enjoys it. He works closely with the team to ensure that every event exceeds expectations.​

Rakshit Vats

With over a decade of valuable contributions in the hospitality and travel domain, Rakshit is seasoned in curating exceptional events and delivering tailored experiences for clients. His expertise lies in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, and Operations, with a strong focus on event management and creating memorable moments. He possesses exceptional negotiation skills, conflict resolution abilities, and a talent for making quick decisions, all aimed at maximising value for clients with a high level of satisfaction. With extensive networking capabilities and a deep understanding of the meeting and events space, he provides comprehensive solutions that guarantee an unforgettable experience for clients.

Radhika Mandhar

Having worked in hospitality, Radhika re-invented herself during the pandemic. She diversified to an up-scale, luxury-lifestyle, private members’ club. During her eighteen months stint at the Gurgaon-based private members’ club, Radhika was responsible for customer acquisition and engagement. After ten years of working, she set out on a new path to help new businesses develop sales strategies and promote revenue growth. Radhika has always been curious about the intricacies of life, and picking up the right bits has allowed her to piece her own story, which she continues to do. This curiosity has enabled her to identify key elements of the brands she has worked with to weave the right brand story. She is also a CrossFit athlete and a pet parent. ​


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